Security Training Programs

Command and Control Operator Training
Analyst Training
Security Basics
Incident and Event Handling Training
Troubleshooting and Support Training
Installation and Integration Training

Training is key to successful program acquisition for any client.

S3Tel’s engineers and training teams, therefore, work extensively with the clients' own team our programs are extensive, detailed and usually include certification and feedback for all trainees.

This way, while the systems are being deployed, the client already has a good understanding of how the system works, and is ready for technology adoption and absorption, which are critical to program success.

Security Training Programs
Technical and physical training

Technical and physical training

Where required, our training includes both technical and physical training, as per the client environment and requirements. Since S3Tel’s solutions typically need to be customized and are not ‘Off the shelf’ products, S3tel customizes training programs to suit such deployment, taking into consideration unique aspects of deployment in the client premises.

Our security training programs are basically divided into the following:

Security basics
Basics of technology and intelligence building
Systems and their brief introductions and utility
Core systems and technology
‘Hands On’ training
Troubleshooting and deployment training.
Installation and integration training
Security Training Programs
Security Training Programs
Security Training Programs