Premium services

S3Tel is committed to provide premium services in line with the critical infrastructure that we build and integrate.
Our support includes options for on-site engineers, spares at the site and 24/7 response to calls, locally and internationally as the case might be. Under specific requirements by clients, S3Tel’s core engineering practices team has actually carried out service assurance in extremely testing conditions, at times, both physically and mentally challenging. 

During the deployment Stage

our services team works with project management teams (Internal and external) to build the scope of work documentation and plan stage-wise deployment.

Deployment Stage

Our services

Our services include 1st level and 2nd level support for our own equipment and technology, as well as third-party maintenance of similar systems, should there be such a requirement to maintain third-party equipment that is no longer under maintenance or in cases where the supplier is unable to maintain or has abandoned the support activity for supplied systems.

Our Services