Crises Management Integration


Highly Available Network Of Information With The Needed Channel To Communicate

Relevant, Effective and accessible Processes in Critical Situations
Elaborate Crisis Management Roadmap defined for Digitally Simulated Disaster Events
Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for quick Reconnaissance
Thermal Imagery and Real-time Video Analytics
Excellent tool for sharing Mission Reports, Crisis reports with the team involved
Strategic, Relevant & Practical Scenario-Based Solution
Based on Layered GIS Application
Asset Tracking and Management
Disaster Response Planning
Capture Geo-referenced, Time-Stamped Point Clouds and imagery
3D Scanning of Roadside Features
360º Camera for Spherical Image Capture
Dual Frequency GNSS Tracking
High Accuracy 6-Axis IMU Integration
External Wheel Encoders for Odometer and Tracking
Walkthrough, Flythrough, Drive-through Options