Interactive Multi-touch Systems


Conventional Command Centers Are Observation and Response systems, designed to try and provide updated and real time information ‘On demand’ to decision makers and observers, and are therefore critical for survivability and key decision making in times of emergency and threat to national security.
From National Commands, to Defense and Homeland security organisations, key decision makers rely on information at hand to take critical decisions that can save lives and influence the country’s socio-economic or political future. Hence, it is no surprise that there is continuous and sustained progress and forward planning for effective solutions that can make the job of key thinkers easier and their decision better thought of. Inability to be able to do the same on demand and as the situation on the ground is changing is frustrating, and can lead to incorrect decision, panic and unplanned action, all of which can be potentially damaging, and can cause loss of territory, personnel and reputation of the command to be an effective tool for key decision making at the time of disaster.
From the leader in Command and Control, comes a decision support and simulation tool unparalleled in the defense and homeland security, S3tel’s Mviewz, a multi-touch solution for advanced command and control. Mviewz enabled the commander to mark assets, identify threats, enable/disable camera feeds, intercept communication and simulate extensive and virtually unlimited potential scenarios on war and warlike situations and emergencies. 



S3tel’s inherent expertise in Command and control enable S3Tel.’s Mviewz to be distributed and viewed in real time by commanders who may not be at the same place at the same time, in their respective command and control centers  and yet it would be possible for them to collaborate or add/delete action points in real time. Mviewz therefore provides flexibility in Multi-user Multi-touch solutions unheard of in the National Defense and security industry. S3Tel’s strong belief in conforming and adhering to and exceeding world standards means that our solutions are based on open standards, and allow seamless integration with other open standards based products. Just as with S3Tel.'s powerful Command and Control solutions,