The company has alliance partnerships with NetApps, IBM distribution, Cisco Systems, etc., with more alliances being signed up all the time.

While S3Tel does pride itself in its association with its partners and alliance partners, our business is based and focused more out of our integration skills and less on our dependence upon vendors of technology. S3Tel’s business relationship is all about trust. We believe that the only reason behind our continued success is the trust bestowed on us by our valued clients. Constant innovation drives our zeal to serve our clients better. This is one of the key reasons that when it comes to critical infrastructure procurement, most large organisations trust S3Tel’s capability and capacity to deliver. Repeat business across the vertical and horizontal businesses of our clients has been one of the mainstays of the company. This achieves the following key objectives for the company: Ensure that we tag ourselves closely to the client, and get to know the intricacies of the business, which helps us propose the right solutions, as well as advise our clients on potential pitfalls when taking key infrastructure related decisions.

Helps the company focus on few clients which helps keep business confidentiality, as well as ensures that the clients benefit from cutting edge technology delivered by a partner they can trust.