Research & Development

Our continuing research has led us to the path of converting manned crafts into unmanned ones, thus leveraging on the established reliability of manned aircraft to deliver unmatched reliability and stability on unmanned vehicles. Manned craft conversion virtually removes the limitation of payloads, and today, our solutions can be custom developed to even carry huge loads, radars and camera systems in the air. We believe this breakthrough in technology shall lead to a completely new world of infinite possibilities, as far as UAV systems are concerned.

 With over 10% of the revenues of the company being reinvested in R&D, our clients know that continuous research is keeping us ahead of competition, and ensuring that investments made by our clients today, are going to only improve. New control software, and new ground station upgrades etc, are all part and parcel of our standard maintenance contracts. Continuous innovation and hunt for better platform also ensures that our clients continue to get the best of breed products, at costs substantially lower than competing products, and reliability, which is the same as manned aerial systems.