Homeland Security

S3tel offers cutting edge security solutions to enhance the Nation’s capabilities in countering modern day security threats. Our strong Research and Development capabilities combined with the powerful partnerships we have forged with leading “global security technology” companies enables us to offer potential organizations globally for Department of Defense, Homeland Security Forces, Police and Civilian Agencies in developing solutions relating to Access Control, Visual-Intelligence, Counter Terror Mechanisms, Specialised Communications, Armour, Bomb-Disposal, Command Centers, and Training, that will enhance their abilities to prepare and plan for emergencies as well as their response and recovery skills. 




The world of acquired intelligence is full of devices providing data, information, and in some cases knowledge. While all of these are critical to intelligence acquisition, the big challenge for any intelligence agency is in formulating, displaying and cataloguing this data in a format that is easy to read, quick to compile and integrated with other Data Acquisition Systems {DAS). After all, data just in itself is usually not enough to finger point where the threats are coming from, or in case of after-event analysis, what exactly happened? Through over two decades of solution provisioning for intelligence, military and national security organizations, S3Tel. Inc. has developed the world's most powerful suite of products to integrate and present data in an intelligent form Intell(i). 

lntell(i) is an ever-evolving suite of products that bring together feeds from different intelligence domains, platforms and systems, and through a set of algorithms and pre-defined logic translates and correlates all the events as one system. lntell(i) combines powerful logical analysis and display systems to logically formulate and present the decision makers with what-if' scenarios, event mining, and decision support solutions, all with a very advanced feedback based on action taken, and subsequent counter action by enemy/target.