Seaport Security


Sea port, one of the most critical transit points instrumental in the success of a whole country’s macro economic growth. Large Ports can help transition a port city from just another town to a transit hub, where millions of passengers, cargo and baggage pass through every year, coming in, going out or just transiting through the Port. As much as Ports offer an opportunity for growth and progress to any city, their security has become increasingly important, as they are high visibility targets for terrorists, criminals and smugglers. Ports also serve as hubs for freight, at times carrying thousands of tonnes of freight, baggage and goods, which can sometimes be toxic and flammable, or dangerous. Effective surveillance is therefore critical, to ensure security and safety of passengers and cargo that passes through or from the Ports. Ports can be relatively easy targets for terrorism and crime, with thousands of acres to be secured and distributed security management can create issues on situational awareness of the Port and surrounding environment.

S3Tel’s patented Intell(i) solution for Ports provides powerful command and control solutions, ranging from CCTV solutions with on-board analytic's, facial recognition and ‘Automatic Number Plate Recognition’, to 3D mapping of the facility, securing the external fencing around the Port, and completely automating the alerts in areas of interest. Coupled with biometrics based access systems, and broadband Port communications systems, S3Tel’s solutions cover every aspect of Port security, from surveillance to controlled access to restricted and common areas.

S3Tel’s Intell(i) provides integration with GIS systems,  complete single touch access points to all sensors, including camera systems, facial recognition systems, access control systems, Port fencing (PIDS) and e-gates. Our solutions ensure that the Port security personnel have a bird’s eye view of the overall security in the Port, as well as get automated alerts on any security breach, clearly detailing the issue, along with time and point of incidence. S3Tel’s CSIDSS solutions provide data mining solutions that allow security personnel to go back in time, and in many cases provide detailed information on what really happened, with date, time and area stamps on each and every incident recorded at the Port. S3Tel works with large Video surveillance System manufacturers to further compliment their solutions, with tight integration of other systems, so that the ‘one View’ can be attained at the security headquarters.