Citywide Surveillance

As part of the 21st Century urban development, Smart cities and Secured cities have started mushrooming paving a way for large Megalopolis. These are critical for national or state level economic growth, and a major key to success in the growth initiatives of any government. Cities have become more complex than ever, and Multiple agencies operate in a city right from law enforcement, government, emergency services, utilities, essential services, transportation, Education and Homeland security, each with their own security control centers  technology, equipment and resources.

One of the biggest challenges is the collaboration between multiple agencies where they share both assets and a common control centre, which can be extended to bring in third party video from commerce, such as stadia, shopping malls and hotels. Cities are also looking to integrate technologies such as Computer Aided Dispatch and incident management software to allow higher rates of resolution, as well as faster and more precise use of time and resources.

Irrespective of the disparity one common factor namely “security” as part of the major Global trends will drive our future in this century. On the other side threats to our lives, identities, and freedoms will come from more severe than ever before; Though it sounds simple, Implementing Security solutions for smart cities are quite challenging, and need advance planning to ensure optimum security without actually breaching the privacy of residents and citizens. This is critical to ensure that residents do not feel insecure or challenged, while the security agency work overtime to ensure their safety and security.


  • Implementing an integrated Security
  • Increasing Innovation
  • Smart Architecture & Management
  • New Energy
  • Aging Population
  • Improved IT Backbone
  • Increased Technological Sophistication
  • Shift in Global Balance of Power
  • Green Buildings
  • Preventative Health care and so on so forth