VTOL Platform


Early 1990's have seen the advent of technology in modern warfare, and with 'bobby traps', 'camouflage', terrain etc. causing major frustrations and loss of life, advanced surveillance systems are critical to ensure effective and strong response to the enemy.

One of the key systems which are making a huge impact on advance information and enemy positions are UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) systems, where integrated technology allows the commander to know  exact 'across the hill' information about enemy positions and movements, without endangering lives of key personnel.

Using advanced electronics and communication systems, UAV systems today are able to communicate and interact with the ground command in real time, sending critical video feeds for operational planning.

UAV systems are being increasingly deployed in national defence, homeland security and paramilitary forces, as a key ally in all kinds of war, from facing real enemy from across the border, to facing the enemy within, providing real time videos and high resolution camera images to the ground station, for processing and use by the command as part of their decision support and situational awareness solutions.

UAVs are also being used as weapons in war, and are being increasing deployed in war zone missions, including carrying bombs, or missiles, in difficult terrains, where human advancement might be complicated, difficult and/or extremely dangerous to carry out by human agents. UAV systems are therefore one of the most critical technological advancement in the world of automated warfare.