UAV-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

NDAIS (Pronounced as 'End-Days'), in partnership with S3Tel Inc. offer the VARS (Vehicle for Aerial Reconnaissance & Surveillance) range of automated UAV's with a difference – 'Near Zero landing space'! Using advanced 'Vertical Take Off & Landing' (VTOL) technology, NDAIS has been able to harness powerful UAV features such as taking off and landing in near zero landing space, hovering, and target acquisition easily and without taking recourse to complicated manoeuvres that would be necessary for a winged craft trying to meet the same functionality.

Our UAV's offer what is perhaps the largest range of VTOL systems in the world today, with a wide range of integrated options for the client to choose from, from advanced dynamic GIS mapping, to sophisticated controls, as well as capabilities hitherto unknown in the world of VTOL UAV's, for example the capability to work with 3D mapping, creating automated alerts in case of impending collision etc., features that are seldom discussed or offered by VTOL vendors. Each UAV system in the VARS series enjoys a selectable range of intelligent automation, from simple pilot assisted 'steering mode' to fully automated flight, including take-off and landing.

Automation is accomplished through a combination of our mature ''Adaptive Neural Network control technology emerging intelligent control technologies and other. Depending upon mission and payload requirements, small UAVs with a footprint less than 1 meter of length, and half as much height, to large UAVs capable of flying long distances, with payloads of over 400 lbs are available for quick deployment in mission critical environments.