Ultra Long Range Camera


The (i)Cam-500MIRL is an IR illuminator that evenly distributes IR while eliminating hots-pots, washout, and overexposure usually associated with IR imaging to provide flawless detail rich images in 0 lux (complete darkness) for true 24/7 surveillance. By using Hybrid LED technology that unlike traditional IR LED's give both distance and wide angle illumination to offer active IR performance up to 500M (1500ft) with 10 degrees of illumination. Not only does the (i)Cam-500MIRL offer superior illumination, and greater distance but also has an IR lifetime of 100,000 hours (up to 25x the leading competitor) making it the clear choice for military and homeland security.

  • (i)Radar Compatible
  • Video Analytics
  • Thermal Imagery
  • Master Slave Mode