Airborne Gimbals


One of the key advantages of our approach towards UAV is that our solutions are derived from the mission at hand. Depending upon the mission and the platform chosen, we have an array of payloads, coming from (i)Cam. Some of the more popular systems are as follows:


The (i)Cam160 boasts a massive field of view. In the tilt axis the (i)Cam160 has a large 250 degree viewing angle and pan is continuous 360 degrees. This large viewing angle allows continuous tracking and surveillance of all objects in the viewing hemisphere.


(i)Cam380 is a large 3 axis stabilised camera gimbal that is designed for use on platforms that require the ability to carry a large specialised payload. The (i)Cam380 includes high quality slip-rings to route a large number of power and signals in and out of the gimbal suitable for all specialised payloads.