Aerial Surveillance

Due to increasingly sensitive city centre, which tend to be the heart of any thriving city, it is becoming increasingly critical to construe some methodology towards persistent surveillance of the such places of economic and cultural importance to any city.

S3Tel’s P(ersistent).S(urveillance).A(nd).R(econnaissance)  and T(actical).S.A.R systems are Aerostat systems deployed to provide security organisations a bird’s eye of events as they unfold in the city. With advanced Aerostat systems, it is possible to deploy multiple Gyro stabilized camera systems, along with communication links to multiple sites of interest, where events might be unfolding or expected to unfold. Standard features such as integration with local GIS systems, geo-locking and target tracking allows security personnel in the local command to view events as they take place, lock on to event sites, or individuals of interest and track them in real time.

TSAR systems can be deployed at sites which might have temporary interests, such as stadiums when sport events are on, or rallies, public events, VIP movement or road shows, all of which can turn ugly and might have in their midst terrorists or negative elements of society. Typically, TSARs will have one or more camera systems deployed, but these would be relayed wirelessly to a mobile ground station, where security personnel would observe and act as events unfold.